Friday, March 27, 2009

In case you ever break a light bulb.

So in case you ever get in trouble (like I did yesterday!) I thought I'd pass on some useful information.

See, I went to Target on Wednesday, and I've been searching for a daggum lightbulb for my ceiling fan ALL WEEK LONG. Attempt 3 of light bulbs didn't work, as well as 2 and 1. This ceiling fan is the weirdest thing ever.. and I'm still not quite sure what type of bulb to put in it (you'd think it'd be a regular lightbulb.. right?)

Anywho, I used the 'reveal - clear light' bulb (that didn't work in my overhead light) in my desklamp.. it was an expensive bulb and couldn't go to waste! Installed it around dinner time, okay.
So yesterday morning I'm in the shower at 7am (so you know I'm still asleep) and I hear something fall in my bedroom that sounds like GLASS. "OH CRAP!" I was imagining the worst.. that Pier 1 vase I just bought BROKE and there's glass and broken pieces all over the place.

Oh dear.. I need to figure this out.

So I'm searching around my room, all over the place. Window? Electronics? Pottery on the top shelf of my closet? ANYTHING?! What the heck happened?

So then I look on my desk and I see that brand new lightbulb - the glass bulb fell off the base of the light and left it with all the inner workings.. hanging out in my lamp.
Well crap.

So I googled and twittered and got some help on how to get that P.O.S. out of my lamp.
Solution? Cut a potato in half, and jam the middle-side up in the lamp (PLEASE UNPLUG IT!) and turn it, like you're juicing it to make potato juice.. or like you're unscrewing the light bulb. ;)

Voila! You've got yourself a potato light!

Just kidding.. you've got a free socket for a new, unbroken light bulb. :)

Happy Friday!


Lindsey said...

I saw a tweet from you last night thanking some people and saying you will go get some potatoes, and I had no idea what you were talking about! I guess I know now ;)

Natural Teen said...

Wow...That is funny!! LOL

lollywood said...

aah in my old apartment, we NEVER found a lightbulb for the light in our ceiling fan. regular light bulbs were too big... i went all over searching for small ones, but we ended up just moving out and never getting a new bulb...