Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm back!

Happy 2009!!

Lots has happened since I posted last:

  • I'm back from Memphis and had an AMAZING time!
  • My 2nd nephew was born during the Liberty Bowl (January 2nd) and I went to the hospital to see him as soon as I got back from the trip
  • I'm back in my apartment, about to start classes TOMORROW! (ughhh)

So, without further ado, here's some pictures! (I know that's what people look for!)

No, I didn't drink that gigantic drink on the left! I wanted a photo op with it because it was 100 oz of mixed drink.. and ridiculous! It was nearly as tall as me! But yes, those "Big Ass Beers" were mine. :O)

That's my Saxophone line, all the way down! Our motto for the season? "We LOVE Group Sax!"

My sister, Lisa, holding our sister-in-law's new baby in the hospital! CJ is a big brother now! :O)
More big news? LISA is expecting!! She's due in mid-August, and I cannot WAIT! :D

His name is Michael Andrew.. Cutiepie, isn't he?! We were getting ready to leave and we put him down.. then he finally opened his eyes up and just seemed to look at me and smile. :O) Heart is melting!

Look at those little piggies!

So that's my mini photo blog to start off the year.. it's been so much fun! Classes start tomorrow, but I only have 1.. woohoo!
Monday I start YOGA! I'm so excited. :O)

New Year's resolution? I'm going to start going to the gym so I can get in shape! I'm tired of people telling me that I'm 'fine' and 'have a nice figure', when I keep going up in pant sizes and can't feel comfortable in a tank top! I've got to get my tummy in control here! I think Mike's got the same thought going on for him, so I should have a gym buddy, unless he's too busy with his internship and classes!

Lots of love, happy new year!


Angie said...

Little Michael is the cutest. Aww!

KrazyFashion said...

You look like you had a fun time!
I wonder what happened to the one who drank that 100 oz of mixed drink? LOL
The new baby is the cutest baby I have ever seen. :D

Happy New Year!

LoveCreations24 said...

Such cute photos! I love that scarf your wearing in the one by the way!