Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Going on a trip!

Just letting you all know I will be away for a few days.. I'm leaving for Memphis, TN tonight (very soon, actually! The buses leave in an hour and a half!) The marching band is driving there, and we'll arrive someone tomorrow afternoon. Then we change and get ready to perform on Beale Street and then we're having our band banquet.. where I have to give out awards to my section!
I'm not so ready for that.. but what I've put together is pretty darn cute!
I'll try to post a picture of them, but it may not be until I'm back.

Anyway, check us out on ESPN on Friday at 5pm EST.. Go Pirates! BEAT KENTUCKY! ;D

Check out my twitter feed and follow along with me on my trip! I'll post a few updates and pictures while I'm gone from my phone. :O)

Happy New Year!


Emily said...

I randomly found your blog - I live in Memphis, so have fun in our city! I'll be at the Liberty Bowl game (where I imagine you're playing). Enjoy your trip!!

Miss Courageous said...

sounds like fun! and.... yes, you've been tagged: http://misscourageous.blogspot.com/2009/01/i-was-tagged-delayed-reaction.html

happy new year!

Granny Two Shoes said...

Happy New Year!