Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm here!

Just been a bit slack lately on posting blog entries and listing new items on my etsy page. I've been at home for a week and a half, and I just get so lazy when I'm here. It's so easy to do nothing all day because there's nobody around to get me up and out! Roommates and boyfriend are all doing their own thing and not around to say 'hey let's go out!'
It's good and bad, but I've got to get out of here tomorrow.. going to go on some adventure or something. Have to! (My favorite thrift store is having their 1/2 off everything sale tomorrow, so you know I'll be there for that!)

So I talked about having gotten my hair cut last week and promised a picture.. and here it is! I like it. It's nice, and it's about the same cut I had about this time last year (but it was dyed brown), but I just wasn't expecting to have my hair all cut off again. Was hoping for it to stay a bit longer for a little while!

And that necklace right there is somethin special, too! My boyfriend got it for me for Christmas.. we've been dating almost 5 YEARS now, and I love him more and more every day! This is the first piece of jewelry he's bought me, and I love love love it! It's silver and has 6 diamonds in there.. gorgeous! I love it and I am so happy!

I'm very much ready to go to Memphis next week for the Liberty Bowl.. We're having our band banquet on New Years Eve in the hotel, and I have to think up some awards to give to a few people in my section! Yike! That means I have to think of some things to give to them as well.. hm. I'll think about that later.. as in last minute!

Should really think about listing some more stuff in my etsy shop.. I heard sales may pick back up a little bit from shoppers with Christmas money! That would be great.. I haven't hardly made but 1 sale in the past 2 weeks! :(