Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fun virtual collage site

Hey all! So I found this really fun site the other day online. Maybe it wasn't through the best reviews, but it's fun, nonetheless!

It's called POLYVORE. It's a virtual collage site. Pretty nifty, right?
Check out what I put together, using images already on there.
So, you're wondering how I found it, right?
Well.. I was forum searching on Etsy and found a thread talking about this site. Users can steal images from anyone and anywhere online, and use them on this site. Given, most of the images are credited with their website, creator, and selling information. But there was no 'asking permission' to use the images. So.. it's good and bad I guess.

Thought it was fun when I tried it, though!
I've seen bloggers use this to put together outfits, like seen above, and there's all the information listed with the "set" of where everything can be found and how much it costs (like a magazine ad in Seventeen or Cosmo!)

So go play there if you'd like! If you're worried some of your photos may be on there, you can do a search for your username or the item name (if you think that'd bring it up). I couldn't find myself on there, but others on Etsy have. If it's got the proper credit and everything, I don't see why it's not just extra promotion (for the most part) :O)
However, if you DO find your images on the site and want them removed, they're really good about it! Check out their Copyight Help page HERE.

Happy creating, if you choose!


Michelle said...

I am pleased to see that not all etsy sellers are rabidly anti-polyvore! I have actually considered starting a thread on the etsy forums asking if there are any pro-polyvore etsy sellers out there, because there is no way I'm ever giving one cent of my money to the anyone claiming to have been raped and violated by polyvore.

Lindsey said...

I saw that thread too and after checking it out I kinda liked it too! I wouldn't mind if I found something of mine on there, I would take it as a compliment!