Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hey! It's Tuesday!

Hey guys, it's been a few days!
Well, my semester started back up on Friday and I've been going crazy about new classes starting. It's a good and bad time of the year, because the classes aren't so hard yet, but I freak out about spending so much money on books and start getting anxiety about how ridiculous my calendar looks after the first day of class. I'm taking SEVEN classes this semester.. a feat that I have never done yet. Oh boy.
I've got a couple interesting classes.. I'm just praying that I'll stick with accounting after this semester. I'm tired of changing my major and I would love to be an accountant. Just hope I understand it and can get through it all!

So I went to the bookstore to get my textbooks yesterday, with my $500-limit credit card. Have rarely gone over that amount for textbooks, but let me tell you.
I bought 4 books and spent $495.57!! *faints*
I still haven't bought my yoga mat and "Skinny Bitch" that I have to read for my exercise class, a Finance textbook, a code to do/turn in my homework online, and a financial calculator.


College is ridiculous sometimes.
You pay a ridiculous amount of money for tuition, and it is always going up.
THEN they squeeze as much more money as they can out of you for textbooks. It would make so much sense if we could rent them. Half of students don't use them anyway!
Maybe I should hang onto my books and start renting them out when I'm done.. :P
Oh yeah, and they don't even buy books back for more than 1/4 what you paid.. if that!

Thank goodness I should (hopefully) only have 2 semesters left! :O) That is, unless I go to grad school. Yike!

Okay, so sorry that was that long! Just get a little angry about the way that universities are run here.

I'm working on a custom order for someone on etsy once I get home today, and can't wait to post pictures! It's something completely different from what I've been making! :O)

Have a wonderful Tuesday.. "Hump Day" is almost here, and then it's the weekend!


Lindsey said...

I always tried to save my books just in case someone else needed them, but the problem is they release newer versions all the time, and students were required to have the newest version. It's such a rip-off.

Joyful Abode said...

You buy your books new from the bookstore?

When I was in college I did that my freshman year and spent a ton... after that, I bought them used on half.com or amazon.com . Saved hundreds of dollars that way. Some books that are new editions are very close to the previous edition and you can still get away with using an older one.

If I were to do college again though, I wouldn't buy books at all... I'd just go to the library to use them. They had copies of all the current textbooks in use, but you couldn't check them out. I rarely used my textbooks and never took them to class with me, so that would've been fine.