Sunday, December 7, 2008

We are the champions!

Pirates for the win!
We are now the Conference-USA football champions.. first conference championship in something like 32 years! WOW!
And it was so awesome to be there to see it.
What a great game, and I heard I was on national TV quite a few times! :O)

I'll have lots of pictures soon.. but here's one (the first one I took off my camera card)

That's me, lookin like a total goober (from my awful, awful hair cut I got right before thanksgiving) with PeeDee! :O) He likes to come hang out with the band and play snare.. hahaha! And at the game yesterday, the saxes were in front of the drums instead of behind (and my ears are still ringing!)

So with that win, we were immediately invited to play in the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, TN on January 2nd.. and I'll be there! New Years with the band and my best friends is going to be so much fun, I can't even wait!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend.. I know I did! Flew at night for the first time.. it was neat to see all of the lights (and you can see christmas lights!)
I've got 2 finals this week, and then I'll just be hanging out for a little while before going home. Can't wait to see my family!


Lindsey said...

Way to go Pirates!