Monday, December 8, 2008

finals, finals, finals.

It's Monday..
I realized today that I only have 2 1/2 weeks left to christmas shop.. and BOY do I have a ton of people to shop for!
I've got an accounting exam at 8 in the morning, a meeting, another huge trip to the PO (could only carry 4 orders in there today, and I ran out of packing material, anyway!), and a meeting at 3. Then I have another final on Wednesday morning. Yike!
Good news is, if I play my cards right, I should be on the Chancellor's List (all A's) again this semester! But I just have to hope and wish reeeeal hard! There's one class I could be borderline on.. maybe two.

I can't seem to list my bowls quick enough! I try to pace myself so I still have stock on hand that I can list.. but I almost wonder if I should just have at it and post a ton of bowls! Hahaha

Oh well. I didn't get to list that surprise today.. I've been so busy with studying and working on a ton of other things! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to create a new listing (because picking out words is the hardest part!)

Hope you all enjoyed and made it through your monday without any scratches.. it will be the weekend again before you know it!