Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy weekend!

We made it!
Just to let you know, this is a scheduled post (sorry if I would have fooled you!)
I am in TULSA, OKLAHOMA right now for the Conference-USA Championship Football game. (Go East Carolina Pirates!! Arrrggghhh) There's only supposed to be about 300 East Carolineans here in total.. (if that!) so we may outnumber the fans! Oh well, it should be a fun and exciting game.. and hopefully we'll win! (Check us out at 11am Central Time.. we're on ESPN2!)

Well I'm in the midst of final exams for the semester and I've been super-cramming. This week was crazy, and now I get to have a little fun before the serious exams hit on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yike!

If you've checked out the shop at all recently, you may have noticed that my sales have picked up quite a bit! I love it! It's so empowering to be so driven and busy and hard at work.. at least for now, before I drive myeslf crazy.

Something I would like to know: Have any of you finished your christmas shopping? My boyfriend says he's already done.. I've hardly even started? I feel like I'm way behind and I still have a few weeks to go!


Lindsey said...

I started Christmas shopping early (September/October), but I'm still not finished. My problem is some people are just hard to buy for, and even though I started looking months ago, I STILL don't know what to get for them. I feel like I'm behind, too. Hopefully I can come up with something in time for Christmas!