Friday, December 5, 2008

It's friday! :O)

Sooo.. I didn't make a new blog header yesterday. I played around a little bit, but I would love to use Adobe Photoshop to play some more. When I run it on my computer it likes to crash and be really slow.. so I think I'll wait and play with it on campus next week.
However, I was extremely productive yesterday! Went to the post office for the.. 3rd time this week? Shipped off another 2 boxes. (and I already have 2 more orders since then!) I went to the library to use their teaching resource center and cut up some album covers.. and I have a BIG surprise on monday! I will list one of them in my shop and I am sooo excited I almost can't keep it in! (I'll give you a hint.. it might match up with something else I make (that I need to list too!)
It's raining today anyways, so I couldn't take a picture if I wanted to. :P

Oh! I've got some exciting news! Don't know if I've posted it yet on here (officially).
I'm flying out to Oklahoma today! I'm in the marching band (of course) at East Carolina University, and the athletics department is flying us out to the conference championship game in Tulsa Oklahoma. The game is tomorrow, and I cannot wait. It's hard to believe I'll be on a plane today.. I haven't even packed!

I've been hard at work making record bowls (every day!) and I'm still not caught up! I'll be hanging around town after exams next week just to make bowls and stuff before I go home for the holidays.

Hope you have a wonderful day! See me on tv tomorrow on espn2! :O)


Lindsey said...

Hmmm, I'm going to guess those flowers are pens (like the one I received from you!) and you are making the album covers into journals?