Thursday, December 11, 2008

Play the music

Yesterday was such an awful day.
Accident-ridden all over the place!
To start off the day, I fell out of bed trying to turn off my alarm.. now this isn't your normal fall. I was conscious and awake enough to function, but when I put my feet on the floor to stand up they didn't want anything to do with it. SO. I fall down and my legs are all sorts of contorted and I slam my elbow into the metal/wood platform frame of my bed on the way down. Feel like I cracked my elbow! Got rugburn on the top of my ankle, cuts on my knee and elbow, and just sore all over.
On top of that, I busted my lip a few days ago and I have a bruise the size of a softball on the back of my calf because I tried closing the car door on my leg.
I couldn't take two steps yesterday without running into something, tripping, bumping, or touching anything.
It was a little ridiculous.

I did make a high B on my exam in the morning though, and it was the last of this semester that I have to touch! Hopefully my final grades will be in soon so I can get myself into the College of Business here officially. I've got to get it done before I go home for the holidays next week!

I did get into today.. It's still a little confusing, but I downloaded.. well, something from them. Whatever it is, it's cool. It just creates a personalized radio station for you and you can "love" or "ban" songs that come up (decide if you like them or not)
Pretty cool! And it loads up much quicker than itunes, atleast on my computer. :O)