Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brand new look!

Fresh, completely brand new layout and blog header!
How do you like it?

I'm really excited. :O)

So I just created an artfire account tonight (If you haven't heard about it, it's like Etsy but it's brand new and not very many people are on it yet.) Here's the link! It's pretty cool checking it out and maybe it'll be good to be a kind of early subscriber! Also, it has NO selling fees with it.. so we'll see if sales are any good over there! (A lot of twitterers have been raving about it!)

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

I also made a flower pen listing today..

(Click picture for link to listing)

I can't believe I listed it right around 12 this afternoon, and at 5 it still didn't have a single view. I was totally shocked about that!

Well, let me know what you think about my layout, artfire, my flower pens, or anything else!
Or let me know how your christmas shopping is going.. I need someone to beat some sense into me that Christmas is only 15 days away and I haven't started shopping! :O)


yuko said...

Your orange flower pens are very lovely!!! and I've heared about the ArtFire! It seems great! I will take a look too!

Lindsey said...

I've been looking at ArtFire for a couple of weeks, but haven't signed up (yet). I barely have the inventory to fill up my Etsy shop, but hopefully after Christmas I can start creating more items to sell. Keep us updated, I'd be interested to hear how your ArtFire sales compare to Etsy's.

The Empty Envelope said...

These are awesome! Cute blog!

Kate said...

love the new header!