Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy day!

So today was a great day! It's been hard being productive this week because I'm finally DONE with the semester and I don't want to do anything. That, and Mike and I have been able to just spend a lot of time together since we're both much less stressed about things.
But today I got out and did a lot of things. :O)
Been to the post office 4 of the 5 days it's open this week, and shipped 2-4 packages per day. Yay!
Went today after making another JOURNAL! (speaking of, I did redo the pics for the Alabama album, and they look much better than the originals I had.) This time, it's The Eagles' Greatest Hits. I loved that CD in high school.. it was one of the only albums I kept in my CD player all junior year!

Then I finally got out and went christmas shopping.. I would love to splurge about everything I got for people, but I know a few of them keep tabs on this and that wouldn't be much of a surprise come christmas!

And the best thing about Christmas shopping was I came home to 4 sales! :D

Realized this evening that I'm verrrry close to 100 sales on Etsy! So my 100th will have an extra special surprise when they receive their order. :O)

And okay, did I mention how much I LOVE last night?? Listening to the radio again and I love it! I think it takes info from songs you have/recently played and plays songs that it thinks you'd like. I've like every song since last night (about 5 hours' worth!)

Ahh.. even better than itunes shuffle, because it's songs that I haven't heard before.

Happy day. Have an AMAZING weekend!