Friday, November 7, 2008


Okay, so I wanted to post to let you know that I am still alive and kicking after my birthday and halloween.. Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! :O)

I haven't been able to post since last week because I've been super swamped with exams and papers and tons of assignments. Yow!
Birthday lunch with my family was really yummy and entertaining over the weekend! I'm looking forward to my parents coming to town to visit next week.

This weekend is going to be a lot of fun - tomorrow is Homecoming, so seeing as how I'm in the band and all, we get to perform in the parade in the morning. Then the football game is at 3:30 (beat Marshall!!) and fun stuff. My roommates and I are going to go visit our sorority sisters while they're tailgating for a bit, but since the three of us are in the band, it's going to be a really long day and hard to get away from rehearsals and performances.

And then I'm celebrating my birthday again! Since I couldn't have friends over last week since it was Halloween (and I am NOT cleaning up one of those parties! haha!) I'm having friends over tomorrow.
I'm excited, and it should be a lot of fun!

Friday last week was the best though.. my roommates and S.O.'s and I got home from band rehearsal and decided to grill out hamburgers and hotdogs, and I made some delicious margarita jello. (I'll post the recipe tonight!) Then Jess wouldn't let Michale and I out of the apartment without halloween costumes, so I went as a bed bug and he went as a cupholder! Not matching, but cute anyways!That's me on the left in my PJs, slippers, and cute pipecleaner antennae! :O)

Jess and Doug's 1-year anniversary (of dating) was yesterday, and he got her the most gorgeous Journey diamond necklace! Oh, I am so jealous! Maybe my boyfriend will get a hint.. hehe ;D
She made him a really sweet shadow box collage of pictures of them, places they've been, and things she's collected on the way. WAY cute.. and I think he really liked it. It was fun hiding that sucker.. :O) Congratulations to the two of them! They're such a perfect match for each other, and they are both such amazing people together!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween and a terrific week. Have an even better weekend! I think I'm headed to Washington, NC for a daytrip on sunday with Mike, Jess, and Doug. Exciting weekend ahead!

Sorry for the lack of a Fabby Friday post.. maybe we'll have a Terrific Tuesday! :O)


Lindsey said...

Enjoy your birthday, again!

Sara said...

thanks for the comment on my tattoo! i am def. addicted! lol this is my 3rd, my hubby has 1 full sleeve and 1/2 of the other done plus a few on his legs.... with everything going on, i decided to take matters in my own hands! lol

i really wanted to thank you soooo much for your very sweet words on a post i did a few posts back about my issues!!!! ya know, for only 21, you are very mature! lol i am only 26, but when i was 21, my whole life revolved around parties, bars and drinking! lol (( glad i got that out of my system with being a mommmy now! haha))