Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Pee Dee! (and other updates)

So I haven't forgot about blogging, I've just had a TON going on!
This semester is quickly coming to a close, and I've been just enjoying life and getting through my classes.. and making/selling record bowls, of course!
Sales picked up so much in the past month.. I'm positive it's due to the fact that I started selling my record bowls individually!
I joined up on Twitter, and have been using that pretty much daily, and I love finding all sorts of people on there and interacting with them. (Hi Tweeters!) :O)

Being in the band at ECU, we have been SUPER busy with that.. between football games, exhibition performances at high schools, and Homecoming events, and now BASKETBALL SEASON has started up, I've been playing a lot. Just within the past week, I've been to SIX basketball games! (I'm in the Basketball Pep Band, as well as the marching band). Our women's team has won all their games so far, and the men's team won all except for last night's game against George Mason. They're playing Virginia Commonwealth Tuesday night, so I'm sticking around for that game before I go home for Thanksgiving. :O)
Our football team played UAB last night, and we had a game-watching party at the apartment. It was a lot of fun to hang out with my friends, and we WON! That means we'll be going to the C-USA Conference Championship game on December 6th.. and I'll get to go with the band!
Go Pirates!! ARRGGGHHHH! ;D

Speaking of pirates.. we got a new mascot! Still unsure of my feelings about him, but I'm much more fond of the new Pee Dee since I've seen him so much this week.
Here's the transition:

Old Pee Dee

New Pee Dee

At first, we were all very upset, but now that I've looked at pictures of the old Pee Dee, the new one looks much better! The skin color remains a bit of an issue though.. many are saying they think Pee Dee spent a little too long in the tanning bed! Hehe ;D

(And if you didn't guess, an orthodontist in town helped fund the new costume.. can you guess what part of the uniform they paid for?) :O)

So just know I didn't forget about this here blog.. I'm still here and I'm still updating! Hopefully I'll be able to pay a little more attention to it this week. Some sort of etsy feature is definitely in order!

Until next time,


Sara said...

lol, well, at least Pee Dee is a brave enough man to face the terms of his tanning addiction!!!! hahaha!! Glad things are busy for you!! Omgosh, 6 bball games in 1 week!? ahhh! That would kill me!!! lol (( I am a football girl!)) Have a great day!!!!!!

Lindsey said...

I miss my old band days. I loved marching band...

And I'm guessing a local dermatologist didn't chip in for the new mascot uniform? That's an unnatural shade of pink.

Becca said...

I was in band in junior high and high school. Sometimes I really miss playing!