Monday, December 1, 2008

Something new I started..

So I've been very busy at work (CRAFTING, that is!), and have had a ton of sales since the end of October. November has been the best month EVER for me on etsy! :O) I reached 70 sales this weekend and am soooo so happy. (May have to think about having a 100-sale celebration!)
Took my record bowls to a craft show my mom did this weekend and it went very well, and I won't be home this weekend for the last show of the holiday season because I'll be across the country in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the C-USA Football Championship game.. woohoo!

I was thinking at one point last week 'Gosh, you know.. I sure would love a map that I could plot points of and see where my record bowls have been shipped to! How fun would that be?!'
So I got to work on it, and made a pretty kickin' map!
Check it out HERE if you'd like to zoom around and see the features!

I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.. I swear, Google has EVERYTHING! I have product listings on it, have my calendar, my email, a place to store and upload documents to the web.. it just blows me away every day.

If you came over here from Twitter and heard me mentioning that I'm starting my 30-day blog challenge, you're probably wondering what I'm talking about! Essentially, I am going to blog once a day for (atleast) 30 days and comment on atleast one new blog a day.. after the 30 days, I'm going to see where I'm at in terms of growth and blog popularity. It's a fun experiment, and I encourage anyone else to try it too! :O)

I'm also working on a plan to try to list atleast one (but hopefully 2 or 3!) things a day in my etsy shop. It takes some time, but it keeps the shop full! I just need a chance to take more product photos!

Stay warm in the chilly weather if it's hit you yet!


Julie - On the Dot Creations said...

Hi, Amanda. Congrats on your Etsy sales -- vinyl rocks! :)

Lindsey said...

Congrats with the sales, and good luck with your challenge - I will be interested in the results! I need to concentrate on promoting my shop more.