Thursday, October 23, 2008


Happy Thursday!
This has been a GREAT week, and I'm sorry I've left you hanging for a few days!
I've found a new obsession with TWITTER, and I've been hard at work making record bowls and taking pictures every day!

Remember that giveaway I had a last week? Well Lindsey's (the winner's) birthday was just a few days after she won, so I sent her a little birthday note along with the cool repurposed swag she got!

She received a funky chandelier notebook, liberated from the clearance bin at Michael's craft store. They had way too many and I could tell this notebook's end was coming closer unless I did something about it! I jazzed it up with some cute ribbons, and even stamped a fun 'YOU ROCK MY WORLD' on the inside cover for Lindsey!
Then, I reclaimed a flower (along with many of it's friends!) from a large bunch waiting to be thrown away by a friend, and made into a fun (and WAY CUTE!) flower pen!
And that cute little birdie note? It's from scrap paper left behind after an arts and crafts date.

Lindsey runs BROOKBERRYS, a way cute shop on etsy with wall art and adorable jewelry to die for! And she's having a sale that's ending SOON, so hurry over there and give her more birthday surprises!

I've been making a lot of sales this week (3 already!) and got a little freaked out by it, because I am an extremely organized person by nature. I had to figure out an organized way to set up shipping reminders! So I hung up this magnet strip and I'm now filling out my address stickers and writing the order on the backside. Great idea, huh? :O) (and it's pretty to look at!)

I ran out of bubble wrap last week, so check out this resourceful packing job from yesterday:

Wrapped the bowl in tissue paper and tied it up with twine (isn't that a nice touch?) and used an American Eagle shopping bag (the thrift store uses them) as packing! Talk about recycled packaging!

Oh, and here's a picture of my wall art I made that I'm so proud of.
Didn't make the frame or anything, obviously.. but I took all of those pictures!
As you can see.. it looks so fabulous on my wall! Ahh, just kidding. It needs to make it up there tonight.

I've been listing a lot of new records every day, and I'll make one or two more listings before I'm done tonight.
Come back tomorrow for my first installment of "FABBY FRIDAY", a weekly installment of fabulous etsy finds and sellers I'll be featuring!


Betty's Only said...

Really good stuff. You are a crafter to my own heart. I find joy in knowing others are passionate about being creative. You do really good work! Your photos are beautiful!

Thanks for following me on Twitter. I found it the other day and I just can't stop!

Estela said...

So I heard all this excitement on twitter. I joined but that's it. I don't think I'm ready for twitter! haha
Yay for being organized! Looks like you are having a great start with sales this holiday season!

Brook said...

I love your record bowls! I've been meaning to make some with my huge vinyl collection!

Lindsey said...

I didn't realize the "You Rock My World" on the inside was stamp! I thought it came on the notebook.

Thank again, and thanks for plugging my shop!