Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Darn. and better news!

I was shopping at Ross last night because I was bored and itching to do something.. 7:30 pm and all of my roommates and my boyfriend were busy doing stuff. I got my photos in the mail yesterday, and I really wanted to get them framed! Filled up 3 of the 4 fabulous frames I bought, but I can't take pictures of them yet because the sun hasn't been up since I got them. :P
Also, I haven't hung them on the wall yet!

But my super depressing news is that.. well, to start, I have been wanting some wall art in my room since I moved into this apartment. There's nothing on these stark white walls, and that is CRAZY for me, because I always decorate too much. I have a little 8-picture collage frame by the door, and a cute little wooden "live love laugh" 3-picture frame on the wall behind the door. No headboard in this apartment that furnished a platform frame, and nothing above the bed (with my BEAUTIFUL bedset.. I love my sheets!).

So to get to the point, I found this 4 piece canvas art set that was 4 wooden squares, all in this almost-black-but-you-can't-really-tell-what-color-it-is color, with flowers etched/routed into it with the light wood grain exposed. OH, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! It's not the realistic artist flowers that are too detailed kind of flowers.. they were the just-right-comic flowers that I love, and that are on my bedspread.


I'm cheap, and I'm a college student, and I can't afford to spend $50 on wall art, even though I will love it and go crazy for it and use it in every apartment and home I live in until they become too ugly to put up any longer (which would neverrrr happen)

This post is so long, and it's about freakin' wall art. I'm sorry!

Anywho.. maybe I'll snap a picture of it later this week so I can remember it and dream of it some more.. :P It IS my birthday next week (Turning 21!), but I can't afford that much on me, and I don't think I could let anyone else buy that for me either.

So to turn to happy (and not so silly!) news, I made a sale overnight! Woohoo!
Goodbye, Sound of Music record bowl! :O) It's a real cutie, and I know Nicole will love it to death! I just hope my business cards come like.. today so I can ship one with the bowl!

Ahhhh.. well here's some new pictures I took..

Please comment and tell me how much more amazing these are than my old pictures (as in, all those boring pictures in my sold section).. Here, I'll even give you a link!

That last one is a little peek at something I'll be listing today... Freak Out! Mothers of Invention

Or, if you don't think these are much better than my old photos, tell me that too! I need some honest input!
I'm just excited because these are so much brighter than my old pictures.. they're not the best, but I think I've got some good ones in my 'to list' pictures.. :O)


Carrie G said...

I like the new photos! Could you hang them on a wall through the center hole and photograph them that way? Maybe people would like an art installation idea in addition to the useful bowl?
Great idea with highlighting the record artist, etc.

Lindsey said...

I agree with Carrie G - these pictures are much better, but maybe you could show them being used somehow.

T. Small The Messenger said...

I think the old and the new ones are nice. If I can be completely honest, I cannot tell the difference. All your photos are nice. I also agree with the other comments in regards to showing them being used, perhaps putting some snacks in one would give a tasty visual and produce that "gotta have it" feeling...just a thought, I hope this helps