Monday, October 6, 2008

Pretty Exciting news!

Well aside from having the best weekend possible, there's more good news on top of that! That will be later in this post, but I wanted to put up just a FEW pictures from this weekend.. had a great time, and I hope you enjoy these!

This is Michale and I, we've been dating for close to 5 years now, and we're closer now than we ever have been before. I would go crazy without him.. and I'd probably be a rotten sourpuss I bet!

Jess and Doug, rapidly approaching 1 year! They're our best friends, and don't know WHAT we'd do without them here! I love living with Jess, and I'm so glad our boyfriends are such good friends as they are. I've never seen two people so perfect for each other (well, except for Michale and I!). Jess is always the driving force in the apartment to go out and do something when nobody else may want to, and I think we'd all be pretty bored without her ideas and excitement!

At the NC Seafood Festival, in Morehead City, North Carolina.

Jess and I found a SHARK! Our third roommate, Hayley, loves sharks and she couldn't be with us.. so we had to take a picture for her!

Some semi-candid shots on the beach.. Jess and I had a lot of fun photo-shooting each other!

I found out that Michale's sunshades are quite reflective! Thought this was an interesting way to see things! ;D

Okay, so on to exciting news!
Well as you can tell from the last post, Jess and I went downtown on Friday. Cool stuff! Well I found this great indie/hippy/great creative shop that I've always loved, and I decided to give them a call to see if they did consignment in their shop. Lo and behold, they do! So I told them what I sold, and the employee on the phone said that they (the bowls and clocks) sounded great! So I'm stopping by today to check out the terms on the contract and have them check my workmanship out, and to decide whether they would fit in and sell pretty easily there.
I'm really excited about it! (And a bit nervous, too!) I haven't done consignment in years, and I got stiffed when they said they only ever received and paid me for x number of clocks, when that didn't match up with my tabs. But I was young and silly, so that's not happening again.

I also received a note from someone about seeing if I would sell my clocks and bowls wholesale, for someone to sell in their independently owned music store. Pretty rad, right? So I'm talking to my mom this afternoon to ask for her input, since she knows a lot about this kind of stuff.

I would love to make some extra money.. I seem to spend so much on cute scrapbooking stuff that I never ever use, and would like to get some $$ back from that! Plus, I spent quite a pretty penny this weekend with lots of food, a new folding table for the apartment, and a few new tops at the mall.

Okay, this post has been long enough!
Have as wonderful a Monday as you possibly can.. just stick through it - hopefully it won't be too bad!


Sara said...

HI!!! =] Thanks for following my blog!!!! =] Omgosh, those vinyl bowls are just so cool!!!!! Very different! =] I love that pic you took of you in your bf's glasses! Thats awesome! =] Have a great day!!!! =] sara