Friday, October 3, 2008

Made a sale today!

Yesterday and today were gorgeous.. let me show you how it makes me feel the best way I know:

By taking FABULOUS pictures outside!
Photographed some of my flower pens (so THAT'S what those are!) ;D Also got a number of my record clocks pictured, and tomorrow I plan on trying to capture some new ones of my record bowls. SPEAKING OF, I made a sale today! Totally makes my day.. :O)
my roommate and I went to downtown Greenville (NC) today just for fun (all 2 blocks of it!), and I brought my camera along, of course. A businessman asked if we wanted him to take our picture with a pirate statue on the sidewalk, and I was like "sure!", of course, apprehensive about the safety of the nicest piece of technology I own.. but overall, it was a pretty great day.

Tomorrow, my room mate and I and our boyfriends are going on a road trip to Morehead City, NC to the Seafood Festival.. Should be fun! Jack Ingram is performing at noon, and the beach is about 30 minutes away, so it should be a really great day! I would love to make it to the beach.. I've missed it terribly! Then we've go to get back here to G-Vegas to host Doug's birthday party with the ECU drumline. Busy day!

But this weekend is great.. I've got no plans and no obligations, so I get to relax and enjoy myself. I've needed this!

Still posting new items, so keep checking it out!


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