Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Items today!

First off, it's my roommate (and best friend!)'s boyfriend's birthday (he's one of my boyfriend's BF's, too!) So we're going out to dinner tonight to celebrate.. exciting! I haven't been out to eat for a sit-down dinner in a lonnnggg time! :O) And only 29 days until MY birthday! My 21st, at that!
(One of my favorite pictures of Doug and Jess from our band banquet in January. They are too cute!)
Anywho, on to even more exciting news!
I received my clock parts in the mail last week, and I'm busy making fun clocks!
I will begin posting them tonight, and will hopefully be listing some more fun stuff as well.. planning on about 1-2 listings a day.
It's October and this is my deadline for when I wanted to get my shop rolling.. so here we go!

I also have (have had it for a while) a facebook fan page. So if you're on facebook, please fan me! I'm offering a 10% discount through October 31st if you fan me! Just mention that you've 'fanned me' in the Notes to Seller at checkout and I'll send a revised invoice.
You can find that link on the left side of the page, or right here.

Happy October!


Lindsey said...

If only I could get on Facebook here at work... :(
Can't wait to see the new clocks!

my blog said...

always love to see new items