Thursday, September 25, 2008

Complete blog makeover!

So there wasn't really any reason for it, but I redid my blog tonight. Crept around the etsy forums and found some really good resources for blog updating, so I'll be working on it a bit more this weekend, but I thought it looked pretty doggone spiffy already! :O)
I really need to get some readers on here.. Anyone have any more suggestions on getting more traffic? I comment on others' blogs all the time but don't get much of any response back. Not quite sure what else to do!

Have a lovely weekend! It's been storming pretty badly here in eastern NC all day! :(


Lindsey said...

I didn't see your blog before the revamping took place, but I think it looks good now!

Idea for getting readers:
I haven't tried this yet, but I've been considering it since I too need some readers - there is a website that posts different memes each day to blog about, and once you've written your blog you can post a link to it, and other will can check it out. The website is

Just thought I would mention it... :)

Lindsey said...

And I apologize for all the typos...
"and other will can check it out"
should be "and others can check it out"

Laura said...

I have already added your blog to my bookmarks at - and when other users add it to their bookmarks, the count will add up and make the blog more popular. The same will work for other bookmarking networks such as furl, Facebook posted items, clipmarks, stumbleupon, Yahoo Bookmarks & MyWeb, magnolia, etc.

Whenever you leave a comment on digg, imdb, LJ info, or whatever, leave a plug to your blog.

You can also install Digg buttons to each entry of your blog. That will enable readers to easily submit your content to Digg, and if enough people (digg users) digg up, will gain attention of more people and digg users.

my blog said...

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