Monday, September 22, 2008

What a weekend

So I went home this weekend. It was, well.. interesting.

Some good: I got some new goodies from the record shop, so as soon as my clock parts come in I'll have some brand-spankin'-new clocks up in the shop! Wahoo! :O)

Some bad: ECU lost today to our biggest rivals.. NC STATE! What a ridiculous game. It's a bad memory I hope I soon forget. The worst part is that their fans are the rudest people ever. After the game, I was walking back to the car (in the opponent's turf) with my boyfriend, his mother, and little sister, and we were taunted, jeered at, and ridiculed. Michale and I, for having our band uniforms on, and his little sister for having a shirt that said 'Arrrghhh' and being a pirate fan. What a mess! Sometimes, I wonder how these people even get through life with the mindset they have.. I can't believe how rude they are, and I will never forget that atmosphere. Makes me never want to go to Carter-Finley stadium ever again, and I may not.

Some worse: It was nice to be home and see my family.. I just didn't think I would be as upset as I was all weekend (and not because of the turnout of the game). My cat's health is quickly declining. She is about 20 years old (in HUMAN years!) and has been with me my entire life. I've never lost a pet through death, only my mom giving them away, so I've never experienced anything like this. Her hearing started worsening earlier this year, and I noticed she couldn't really hear at all this summer. Going home this weekend, I found that she has also gone blind. Her eyes are clouded over and she seems helpless if nobody is holding her.
I didn't want to leave her anywhere, so I carried her with me throughout the house all weekend. Had a really hard time leaving Raleigh again yesterday.. I'm afraid I may not ever see her again, and it breaks my heart.

She is an old cat and this is what comes with age. I'm just so afraid to lose the only best friend that has stuck with me through everything.

Sorry to leave on such a sour note! It's really sad news. And it's even more sad that I don't really have any good pictures of her. :(

This week is going to be such a long week, waiting for my clock parts to come in.. yike! I'm making a trip to the craft store today to see if there's anything I want/need/can't live without. New things are a-comin'! :O)