Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fun stuff!

Wanted a fun little picture post, so here you go.. Enjoy!

So I got a little bored and realized I wasn't such a big fan of my current banner in my etsy shop.. so I made a new one.
Pretty simplistic.. maybe not the best, but it's cute and green and eco. So it works for me! For now, atleast.. :P

Took some pictures of my room a few days ago, and this was one to make the cut. This is part of my shelves in my apartment bedroom.. got my boxes of flowers (you'll see some fun stuff in the shop in just about 2 weeks!), my 'SMILE' picture holder (it makes me smile every day!), my very own record bowl to hold my dum-dums so I can study properly (hehehe!) and adorable printed file folders that make me fall in love every time I see them.

Made a custom order of 6 record bowls last night.. pretty hot! They're flying all the way over to London this week.. my third international order in a small amount of time! Shipped a few to France last week.. right on! :D
So I may be offering some specialty bowls now, for artists that people may request. Found a new thrift store in town that has some great records! Exciting!

And I just wanted to throw this picture in.. my boyfriend and I had a stupid fight last week and, as karma has it, he cut his lip shaving that morning! So he came over to make it stop and we put a bandaid on it.. I couldn't help but goof it up a bit and draw a funny mustache! Of course, we were far off from the fight at that point, because we were laughing so hard.. :D

I'm in the process of hardcore cleaning up the apartment this week because it hasn't had a good cleaning from me in a little while.. cleaning de-stresses me, and lord knows I need it! Can't wait to beautify my space so I can get some more creative juices flowing.. :O)