Monday, September 15, 2008

Some online scrapbooking and a bit of updating!

So this is what I did the other day instead of doing some MUCH NEEDED schoolwork! I got most of that done, granted.. but it should have been done earlier. :P
Oh well, I had fun that day.

The first four are all pictures I took at my family reunion and vacation this summer.. super cute when the image is a bit bigger!
Feel free to check out all of my scrapblogs (updated every once in a while, I'll try to do another this week) HERE.

I've been pretty busy at work making some new goodies, so I'll let you know when I start putting them in the shop. I would like to coordinate a giveaway on someone's blog, so let me know if you'd like to host a giveaway for me (and depending on the amount of traffic on your website), I would love to donate! Of course you'll get a fun surprise in the mail for hosting it, you know.. :O)
Coming out with lots of cute and fun eco-crafts! I'm excited!
I'm alllllso planning on going PINK in October for breast cancer awareness! So stay tuned for some sneak peeks throughout the month!