Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boo.. :(

I stumbled across a website yesterday that is using one of my photos without permission.
In a way, it makes me laugh a little bit because it is an awful photo (and hey, atleast I admit it!).
But it makes me very upset, because that is stealing and it bothers me a lot!

So I'm trying to write an email to the editor to get that picture removed or give credit to me. It isn't fair to me for them to use my product photo without permission, but I'm afraid I may not be able to do much about it if they decide to ignore my request.

I posted on this on the etsy forums today, and got a few mixed responses.. a lot of people agreeing that they are wrongly using my photo and need to take it off immediately. However, a few people think I should just ask them to link me.

It's on a DIY site (Do-It-Yourself, for those readers not related with crafting or etsy!) ;D
The picture is actually on an article about HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN RECORD BOWL!
Of course, my technique is totally different from the 100s of articles written about making record bowls, and I try not to draw a lot of attention to this.
But if they were to link my picture to my etsy shop, this could lead readers to say 'well hey! This no-name can sell her stuff on this website and make money, and here's the article to tell me how!', and I'm afraid I may gain a lot of unwanted attention and competition from this.

Here's a little screenshot of the article, and my (crappy!) picture.
And here's a listing of mine.. just like every listing I've sold.. with the picture that the tutorial stole from:

What do you do?