Wednesday, August 6, 2008

End of the summer!

It's getting dangerously close to the end of my summertime..
I'm moving this Friday morning into my first apartment!! I'm super nervous, but I'm living with my two best friends at school (other than my boyfriend, of course! But he lives in the next row over of townhouses!) :O)

I've been making a few sales lately. It's just making me a little frustrated though because I haven't had the time I've wanted to to list new fun things on etsy! I've been making flower pens, eco-scrapbook albums, and lot of fun things! My sister's on a roll making things too, she's already hard at work on everyone's christmas gifts (she's going all handmade this year!)

I also had a very rude awakening this week.. I made absolutely NO MONEY this summer. I thought that's why I have been working so much!
I blame it on the sky-rocketing price of gas. I can't let myself believe it was all spent on clothes and craft supplies..
Speaking of, I need to go to the craft store to make some returns!!

I also realized my blog has been SO BORING this summer.. I'm sorry!!
Here's some pictures. :O)

A sorority sister and I made this for one of our alumni who got married.. it's super sweet and we wrote messages on the inside of the frame for them to find! But we broke down and told her about it a month after the wedding. Haha!

I took this picture in the town where Nancy got married. We had time to kill in between checking out of the hotel and going to the wedding, so we took 4 lefts to see where it took us.. :P

What zoom this camera has.. I love it to pieces! This was from sitting at that stoplight. I zoomed in all this way to the crossing post. I did a itsy bit of editing on these last two pictures.. Thought they looked a little vintage-y. This one's not my fave, but I really like the stop light! :D

After the move, I may have some more downtime.. Band camp starts on wednesday of next week, and classes begin the wednesday after that. Rough month! Haha!

Lots of love, love, love! ♥