Monday, July 14, 2008

super excited!

So this week is pretty much my favorite week of the summer. I hope it's as fun as it has been in the past 3 years, but it's definitely going to be verrry different. It's band camp week! And no, not the band camp I have to attend and get exhausted from.. it's the band camp I get to work at!
This is the time of the year when I get to play dodgeball with kids and share music with them and let them have the chance to experience all of the wonderful and amazing things I have experienced while having the ability to play music.
Okay, enough rambling seriously!
But I'm very excited about it. :O)
I have a dentist appointment at 8:45 tomorrow morning so I'm going to be a little late to camp, but then I'm at camp most of the day and then off to work across town! I've got camp every day this week and I'm working at O'Charley's every day this week (except thursday).
I have got to make a bunch more money before I move back to Greenville!

In other news, I've been sick for the past few days. It sucks because it's pretty subtle and low key, but I have had literally every symptom of every sickness and they come in bouts and every day is something new and different. ugh! it's no fun at all. :(

Also, I did four loads of laundry today (still working on finishing them) and I've been cleaning my room for a few HOURS now.. but it's looking pretty amazing compared to how awful it was before! Thank goodness, because it was a disaster and I hate living in a mess.

I hope you have a wonderful week.. happy summertime!