Thursday, July 10, 2008

Many, many apologies!

So sorry for not updating in close to a month! (not that anyone really reads this anyways.. !)
I've been super busy lately.. went on vacation and it was a ton of fun (but a little long), and I've been working a bit and I'm in Greenville right now. I'm going home today, but I've been here since monday recruiting for my sorority at the freshman orientations. It was a lot of fun and met some interesting girls!
I'm so excited to classes to start back up so I can see all my sisters again. This summer has been nice, but I'm missing Greenville! Plus, I can't wait to move into my apartment!
Thought I'd get a chance to make some more die cuts in the resource room at the library this week, but I never made it out there. Oh well, we'll just have die cuts in a month when I'm back here.
Hope my mom's kitchen remodel is a lot more progressed than when I left on monday! I'm tired of not having a kitchen!

I'll have some pictures to post later on of my trip and random things lately.. I've been working on a few albums and cards and want to share!

Lots of eco-love, Amanda