Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I must be doing SOMETHING right!

So my GM at O'Chux is really scared about possibly losing me, apparently. I think he created a new position for me.. something that I've never seen and I've been there for four years. He's made me 'ADRM' - Assistant Dining Room Manager' for when I get back from vacation. Right now it's just for July 5th and 6th because he's on vacation and apparently trusts me a whole lot. Gave me a manager card, so I can void food on tickets, do discounts and promos (which servers cannot do), and do a whoooole lot with. that's really exciting!

However, I'm freakin out a little bit about my job at the Y. I'm only signed up for M, T, W shifts, and I won't be able to work them for the next MONTH because of vacation, sorority stuff, and band camp. This is a big problem! So I think I may see what I can do today with my manager there to drop these shifts and stay on as a sub guard. I can't handle all of this. :\

I've got so much to do, and very little time to do it.
The guy working on our kitchen hasn't shown up since Thursday of last week.. he came today at 1pm, looked at it, and left, but not without telling me he think he ordered the wrong appliances for my mom and was joking around about it. That's not funny! That is really expensive and my mom is stressed out enough as it is because of his laziness and apparent lack of decency.. he doesn't even call or answer his phone. A-hole. < /end rant >

Full schedule for the rest of the week, then leaving for vacation on sunday. :O)