Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lots of excitement and craziness!

So I got the job at the YMCA, I am lifeguarding and it is wonderful! Hopefully now that I've got my foot in the door of the guarding world, it will be easier to get a job perhaps at the Rec. center at ECU in the fall. However, I have to get re-certified in CPR asap, because it runs out in a week and a half!

I am also going strong at O'Charley's. I am training a new host for the next three days. It's kind of crazy there.. working tonight, all day tomorrow, saturday all day (from 9am until about 10pm), and sunday morning. and then I'm lifeguarding at the YMCA monday, tuesday, and wednesday, have a new employee orientation for a few hours thursday night there, working at O'Charley's friday night, going to a wedding Saturday out of town, and then I'm leaving for vacation on sunday!
Then July is packed full too, full of going to Greenville for freshman orientations, working at a band camp for a week, hosting a ton of girls at my house for my sorority's leadership conference for a few days, and two weeks later I'm moving into my first apartment!

I got a ton of pictures printed out at snapfish last week (we're talking about 300!). I've been working hard getting them into photo albums, because I know if I stash them away in a box, it will never get done. It's taken me how many years to organize my high school photos, and they're still not done? (answer: I graduated two years ago)

Working hard on finding a perfect place for my sorority's formal in November.. I've been making lots of phone calls and writing lots of emails and haven't found anything yet that totally wow's me with location, affordability, and general venue. I'm essentially on my own with it and can take it virtually anywhere I'd like. Very excited about this!
Who knows, if everything works out great with it, I could be a wedding or event planner! :P

Well, I should go run some errands and get this show on the road!

(Also, check out the news for the wildfire in eastern NC.. it's in Hyde County and the smoke got all the way to Raleigh today! I've tried to stay inside because it smells awful and hurts my eyes with all of the haze.)

and another P.S., thanks to Michelle and her amazing links, I've got a new layout (and made my own banner!)