Monday, June 2, 2008

So someone's been sick..

and that's me! It has sucked.. was hoping to pop into Greenville for a 'surprise surprise, look who's here!' for the sorority car wash on saturday, but I got really sick friday night. :(
Still feeling it, but feeling much better than yesterday.
I had full intentions of ripping up some vinyls on Friday to come out with a bunch of new eco things and a new line for my etsy shop this week, but we'll see how far i can get with that. My mom's kitchen remodeling project is starting tomorrow officially.. phase one, we're ripping out the pantry and moving the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room to where the pantry is now. but we're not building the pantry back, because there's a pantry in the cabinet order. Total kitchen and downstairs bath renovation this summer.. and lots of painting all over the place and maybe getting this wood paneling out of the den! hahaha

i can't wait to freakin craft.. i want to really badly right now, but we had to clean out the garage and pretty much the entire downstairs level to make room for the cabinets, which are arriving next week, and all of the pots and pans and dishes and everything that is currently in the kitchen.. because that's going all over the house. yikes! But yeah, so everything from me not living here (everything I moved out of my dorm) is now in my bedroom, in addition to everything already in here. Needless to say, it is a disaster!
I haven't been able to really conquer any other area of the house for my crafting stuff, so it'll be difficult to clear out an area at the time. Plus, all my creativity is in my room, the rest of the house smells like kitty poop or dust or just doesn't motivate me because I would rather clean.

rambling on and on!

Colorado was lots of fun, and I'll try to post some pictures later. Right now, I need to organize some more.

*anyone have any suggestions for organizing scrapbooking supplies, ribbon, etc? I am thinking about getting one of those rolling carts with the plastic drawers, because right now i'm using a big storage tub, 12x12 scrapbook paper boxes, and photo boxes. i suppose it's not so bad, it's just getting on my nerves that things don't particularly have their place.


You can call me Lucky. said...

I wish I could help you with the organizing more, but I am a big mess most of the time! :)

But yes, I do have those rolling drawers, the plastic ones, I guess by Rubbermaid and they are great. You can put ribbons in one drawer, embellishments in another. . . so it is good for that!

Have a great day!