Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So today is my last day in beautiful Colorado, we've done a lot every day, and I'm a little sad to go home! But I am super anxious to work when I get back, because I have just been spending money out here.. haha!
I am hoping to roll out a whole lot of new eco-friendly items next week, including recycled paper scrapbooks, cards, vinyl (record) jewelry and coasters, and some more!
I'm really excited about it.. I haven't had very much in my store lately, and I think it will help it grow! :D

I have a fan page on facebook if you are on it and would like to fan it! I suppose just search for Vinyl Rocks My World, and it should come up.

Well, my sister and I are going to chill out a bit before hobby lobby opens up.. we don't have one at home, so we are taking full advantage of this one! :O)

Have a lovely, lovely day!