Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A new day, a new song

I'm very excited.. I've been pretty productive the last few days! I went to the Roller Derby on sunday evening and it was a TON of fun! Yesterday, I made a resume and emailed it to a few places for administrative/receptionist positions, filled out an application for the YMCA and played a softball game (more on that later!). And today, I (by a fluke!) found a posting for Ornamentea needing someone to fill online orders.. which is a perfect job for me! Knowledge and understanding of etsy is helpful and being able to pack orders and things is what I would be doing. I already do that! And I loooove crafting things too. That store is so cute and I love it.. so I really hope I get a call in the next few days! :O)

So the softball game yesterday was fun.. my first at-bat in game one, I SLID INTO FIRST BASE! [note: you don't have to stop at first base.. you can run right through it.] However, my body seemed to be moving faster than my feet were, and I toppled over and got about 3/4 of the way to the base. It was sooooo embarrassing! So my boob is bruised and killing me, and I scuffed up my hands, elbows, thigh, and leg pretty bad, the way I landed. But everyone was talking about it and pickin on me about it, and it was really funny. Then, I somehow got HOME! They didn't get me out at first because they were laughing so hard (these are all old folks, by the way) and overthrew to first when they finally got the ball there, so I got to second. The next batter hit the ball to short stop and I waited on running to third, since I didn't have to. He then overthrew third, so I got to go home. Waaaayyyyy lucky, but I did it! And I did a touchdown dance when I got there, and I was pretty much the clown of the evening. :P

My body is aching a lot though with all the ups and down from catching, the falling on first, and running around in the outfield, so work tonight will be fun. haha!

I cannot wait until Saturday! I'm going to Colorado! And don't worry, there will be lots of pictures for you! Until then, here are a few I've taken recently.. enjoy!

Went to the transportation museum with my boyfriend and his family.. this was a studebacher, I believe, from the 50's or 60's. Really cool composition! :O)

A picture of my 2 year old nephew and I on mother's day.. I thought it was too silly! This is the face he makes when he says 'cheeeeese'..!

(oh, and I got my hair cut!)

This is from the roller derby.. it was a ton of fun watching it! I absolutely plan on joining when I'm out of college and have the time for it (and when I'm not living in Greenville..). It was the Debutante Brawlers (in pink) vs. the Trauma Queens (in blue). If you haven't seen a roller derby bout before, I HIGHLY recommend it! :O)