Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wow! Lots of news!

It has been ENTIRELY too long for me to not post. I don't know what's gotten into me! Well, I take that back. SCHOOL has gotten into me!

Here's some stuff to fill you in on the past month.. :O)

I moved into my first apartment in August

I'm now a junior in Business Management, and have a crazy courseload

I'm the Saxaphone section leader in the Marching Band (too cool for school right here!)

East Carolina football has been DOMINATING this season so far! If you haven't heard, we upset V-Tech two weeks ago and beat #8 West Virginia 24-3 last weekend! Needless to say, the Pirate Nation has been celebrating hard! :O)

ECU is also in the news not only from the amazing football season so far, but because of police brutality when we beat WVU on our home turf over the weekend.. the students obviously rushed the field since that was our biggest win EVER, and there were police beating students down and tasing them! I was there with a pretty great view of it all.. it was really sad to see such an amazing game getting overshadowed by a job poorly done by our area police officers.

I'll have to add some pictures of my apartment, the game(s), and other fun things once I get back to my apartment.. I'm still on campus waiting for another class to begin!

Hopefully, I will be participating in a giveaway on someone else's blog in the near future! That'll be really exciting! I SWEAR I'm rolling out a bunch of new stuff really soon.. I started working on things this summer but want a comfortable amount of new inventory to list before I slowly get it online. I'm really excited, and hopefully I'll have a little more free time very soon!

Happy September! I can't believe it's already so close to being fall!
I'll update again tomorrow of friday again, promise! I'm going to get much more regular on posting here, and I'm going to be advertising my facebook fan page a lot as well!