Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Made a new banner this morning

But only because I am procrastinating HARD.
I have an exam at 9am (that's in an hour 10!) that I haven't finished studying for.. and I'm playing with business stuff instead! ughh..
This new one is definitely missing something though.. too much empty space. But when I space everything out it looks funky too. I don't knoww... it's not as colorful and fun as the other one.. I just found out that I could make a banner or graphics or anything really on powerpoint, and I love powerpoint 07. :O)

Old one:

New one:

Maybe it would look better spaced out.
I need to take some newer pictures of my records so I can play on photoshop with them to get the clear background. But since my old computer died last year, I haven't gotten any of the adobe programs back.. but I think it might be on my parents' computer at home.
Oh well.. I'll play more later, I guess.

Going to the craft store and Target after lunch today in between classes.. woohoo!
I got my hair cut last week and was using my mom's rounded brush.. and decided I needed one. :P

So any comments/critiques about the new banner? I'll play around with a few more things later today/tomorrow.. any and all thoughts are welcome! Please! :O)

Edited to add (AFTER I took my test!) :O)
Newest banner:

And another:

I feel like I need some more design on the left side like some curly black design that's subtle but adds something to it.. but I don't know anything about going about that.
I'm definitely going to take some summer classes (if not this summer, then next year!) at community college and get an associates in computer graphic design or something. That would help me out so much since I'm planning on running private/small businesses. Between mine and my sister's craft stuff, my mom's dip business, and whether I actually OWN a brick and mortar sometime in the future.. I'd imagine it would definitely pay off!