Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Thursday!

That means it's closer to when I get to go back home! I was planning on leaving after my last class today, I'd get out of here around 4. But Jess, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend all want to have a thirsty thursday. ;D That's like our double-date night.. it's fun!

So I guess I'll stay the night and just leave in the morning.. my phone's dead, anyways!

I can't wait to get they rest of my paper-related crafting supplies from home.. I brought half of it last weekend, and getting the other half this weekend. I was cutting lots of paper for my new eco-albums last night! :O) It's a bunch of fun, I'm really excited. I've missed scrapbooking so much.. my sister and I used to do it a long time ago.. I remember doing it and being so excited about it in the 9th grade - so about 6 years ago! ue

I'm working on making a website for my mom, because hers hasn't been updated in quite a number of years.. my dad and brother worked on it some, and it's grossly boring. Her business is HIDDEN VALLEY CRAFTS.. see what I mean?
I'm trying to get her on etsy for a bit in the meantime until the site can be upgraded.. she's a bit uneasy about it, but I think she might do well. She makes homemade dip packages (just add sour cream, mayo, or cream cheese) for $2 a piece, sells dip chiller crocks with dips inside, chili mix, pepper jelly (seasonal), dessert cheeseballs, and makes a killing at craft shows! I just wish I had enough know-how to make a great site for her.. I don't know a whole lot about web design! She really deserves a good site.. it was a christmas present for her years ago, but nothing's been done with it and the address is on her business cards and pamphlets.

Anywho, sorry for all the rambling!
Here's another banner up for critique.. the boyfriend says he likes this one best!

It's got wrought-iron looking script in the background to have something back there.. it actually says vinylrocksmyworld, but it is much larger than the graphic, obviously.

I have a tonnn of studying to do this weekend, but I'll still be hanging around on here! Maybe be able to make a post or two. 4 tests next week.. yike!

Happy first day of SPRING! :D


You can call me Lucky. said...

If you are interested in checking them out, I found them on here oneday and thought they were really good at what they do! I don't know how much webdesign they do, but maybe it will send you in the right direction looking?


DAVE BONES said...

I like the melted vinyl plant pots