Friday, March 21, 2008

WHAT a rough 24 hours..

So long story short, the past two days have been really rough.
Before dinner yesterday, my boyfriend (Michale) and I were going to the gym and of course I was running down the hall with my debit card in hand, ready to stick it in my wallet, and he clothes-lined me and it broke my card. Aiyee! Okay, not too bad. The bank can send me a new one next week.
After a wonderful "thirsty thursday" with Michale, one of my best friends (Jess) and her boyfriend, Mike and I went down to his room for a sleepover and realized this morning that.. well, my glasses were stepped on at one point and were broken in half. Great. Now I can't see! But okay, I've got some contacts I've been hanging onto for about 3 years, I guess I'll just get back into wearing contacts again, right?
So to top it all off, I finally get out of Greenville this afternoon to head home for Easter weekend and, you guessed it, I got pulled over on the highway.. by a sheriff! So that was a ton of fun, I was crying like a baby and he was laughing at me and telling me to calm down. So since it was my first traffic violation thing, I just got a warning. HE said I was going 84 in a 70.. I swear it was like 80 though. I know I was over though. Said he wouldn't have written me a ticket unless I was "grossly over the speed limit, endangering the public".

So, what a super 24 hours..
It wasn't all bad though.
Made a sale yesterday for two record bowls! That's $3 for Relay for Life - Woohoo! That's $7 so far from my etsy shop. I'm not doing so bad, considering I'm having a hard time receiving donations from friends/family. Plus, pretty much all my friends are in the sorority anyways.. :P

And I took my glasses to the optometrist as soon as I got home, and they actually found a set of my frames somewhere and they're getting them in on monday ready for me. Who would have guessed the same plastic-frame glasses would be around a year and a half after I got them?

I hope everyone is having a hip-hoppity start to spring, and hope you have a wonderful lovely Easter! :O)
I'll be studying all weekend! (And maybe going to see a friend's band play tomorrow night downtown!)

All my love, and hope you have better luck than I do! ;D


Sara said...

thank you so much for the comment on my blog!!! =] yours is too cute!! lol ohh i love easter with all the pastels & flowers & such!!! =] Too bad, Ohio is talking about getting more yucky snow! lol

You can call me Lucky. said...

Seems like your luck can only get better from here. . . at least I hope so! I am sending you some good luck thoughts right now! :) Have fun spending Easter with your family at home!
:)Ohhhh ~ and I totally know what you are talking about with the sales ads! I love those coupons!!!