Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Living Green

Hey folks,

So I wanted to share with you something that I've been super excited about for the past week or so. Growing up, recycling was just a natural thing for me. My family would fill up the recycling bin every week with all of the soup cans, milk jugs, soda bottles, orange juice cartons, and cereal boxes we went through (and it was a lot, coming from a family of six!). We also had a can crusher out in the garage and every time someone had a soda (or my dad's drink of choice, budweiser), my duty as the youngest child was to run out to the garage and crush the can for recycling. It was always my favorite chore!
Getting to the point now. I still recycle (and my friends think I'm crazy for it sometimes), and I was surfing around ebay last week.. that place is great by the way.. and lo and behold, guess what I find? MY PARENTS' CAN CRUSHER! Well, not their can crusher, but the same model and style they had! So of course I'm going to scoop that up. Now I don't have to take my recycling out as often, and I can use less trash bags taking it to the recycling center! Wahoo!
This is my crusher of choice.. looks cool and it's extremely reliable. My parents have had it for as long as I remember, and it looks like they got it in the 70s. And ebay sellers' prices are pretty good on it too.

Pretty cool name too, huh? "The Crusher".. sounds like a wrestler or something.

Oh wait, it is!


Yall have a beautiful green day now, you hear? :)