Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Life's been busy!

So.. I've been thinking about you all in blogworld lately, checked out VRMW today and realized I haven't blogged since June. JUNE?! Dear, I'm sorry! Life has been busy, but it's been good! A lot's happened since I last posted.. I moved across town (and in with my boyfriend!), got a kitten, started my second-to-last semester in college, and now I'm almost done with said semester! The football team's been doing pretty great this year and I'm a membership candidate of a national honorary band fraternity.. and I've basically been busy as a bee!

The kitty's cute as a button.. she's my sweetpea! Can't believe I didn't blog about her.. I think we got her a few weeks after my last post and she was about 3 months old at the time. Her name's Dora and she's amazing - she's so inquisitive and SO SMART it blows my mind every day. Smart can be good and bad.. but I try to think it's mostly good. ;)

Here are some pictures!

And it's certainly getting to be that happy holiday shopping season time of the year! I started noticing when I began getting sales on Etsy out of nowhere.. I was like 'wait a minute.. I've been neglecting my shop for a few months now (along with this blog).. how am I getting sales out of the blue?' Well needless to say, I've started restocking the shop. :) And I sold my first chip/dip bowl last week! Right on! :)

Hope to chat with you again soon!


jeweledrabbit said...

Dora is absolutely aDORAble. ;)

Vinyl Rocks My World said...

Hahaha that was actually the thought behind the name. Well, one of them!
1. She's freakin' aDORAble..
2. She's super curious and quite the explorer, so pop culture kicked in there for us. :)

I wanted to name her Checkers or Pickles but the boyfriend didn't like those.. so we settled, but it fits so well. :)

Sara said...

Seriously, aww! I love Dora (your cute kitty and the show, haha) And yea for almost being done with school!!!!

You and your bf look fabulously happy!!! =)