Sunday, March 15, 2009

While browsing some photos..

I was browsing some photos I took about a week ago, since I hadn't had a chance to, and came across this photo that just kind of made me laugh.. :)

I took a stack of record bowls to a local indie shop full of all sorts of goodies (lots of glassware, pictures of musicians, hemp jewelry, tie-dye, incense.. get the picture? ;) Well, I took pictures of all the bowls I took over there just as a visual inventory (for the labels, condition, etc) and so I didn't have to write all the labels down, considering most of them didn't have artists on them. Brought a lot of my DJ albums and ones with the really cool pictures on the labels, because I figured they may fare better than Garfunkel or Barbra Streisand (although the Doobie Brothers could have done well.. ha!).
Anywho, this album made me giggle; I don't remember what was on the other side right now (I could look it up, but I'm blogging from Picasa) and I liked this side of the album enough to take a picture of it, being the bottomside. Home Style Cooking. I wish I could have gotten this pictured with my red and white polkadotted apron, my lobster claw oven mitt, something "Suzie Homemaker". Haha!

Oh well. Plus, this picture made me smile because there's actually sunshine and blue skies. It's be raining here for 3 days.. I haven't seen the sun since Thursday! Tired of the dreary, sad weather. Hopefully it will clear up and get warm soon!

Have a happy, relaxing, and fulfilling Sunday!