Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's!

I thought as a special treat I'd feature some LUCKY etsy items! (Sure could have used some of them this morning with an exam I wasn't so prepared for!) ;)

Anywho, I hand picked these items because they were super sweet, fabulous, and sure to bring you good luck.
1) Make a Wish - Wishbone Sterling Silver Necklace on 18in chain - Charmstar
2) Lucky Ladybug - bracelet with a tiny glass ladybug on cotton cord - KokiCreations
3) Lucky Lady Penny Pendant Necklace - LaPetiteFleur
4) Lucky HorseShoe Ring in Sterling Silver - TheBeadGirl

Best of luck to you all today and all year!

On a sidenote: As a 4-1/2 month unseasoned 21-year-old, I think it's my duty to drink green beer tonight. I hope to get a picture or two to post! :) Ha ha ha