Friday, March 13, 2009

Sorry for being away..

Promise I haven't forgotten about you all.. this week's been kind of weird. Good, but weird!
Came home to my parents' last Friday (I was on spring break this week) and went to a fish fry and had "All I Could Eat Boiled Shrimp", which was pretty good. Couldn't eat a whole lot, though! (still getting the taste for it..) Wish I could have gotten some pics of those plates full of shrimp.. and my face in disgust when I saw they still had their FEET!!

Went yard-saling with my mom and sister on Saturday and we got a bunch of baby stuff for my sister.. she gets to find out the sex next week! Can't wait!

Hit the Museum of Life and Science on Sunday with Summer (and got some pretty funny pictures.. haha!)

Got to pretend to be a model on Monday for a photographer in town, working on his senior portraits - he's a great photographer and has a studio and everything, just had some ideas and a lot of his work with that is outdated (says he).. his wedding photos are pretty fab! He posted 45 of the pictures today and I get to pick out my favorite 10 that he'll print for me as 8x10s. I also get a cd of the pictures with a permission for them to be printed. And it was fun!

My mom, sister, and I have been craigslist junkies this week! With my sister expecting, she's been shopping for baby stuff second hand. That CPSIA law that went into effect is really taking a toll and has been very noticeable in the thrift stores here! No kid/baby stuff being sold anywhere anymore.. it's really sad. I wonder where all of that is going now.. I hope it's not the dump, but I imageine that's where a lot has gone, unfortunately.

I got to see Modest Mouse play on Wednesday with some of my friends.. Summer and I used to listen to that band all of the time in high school.. I never thought I'd actually get to see them live! So that's pretty cool. :)

I made THREE sales on etsy last weekend as soon as I got home, I was a bit surprised, considering one of them was the biggest non-custom/wholesale order I've ever had! Woohoo! So I got back to town yesterday so I could ship those out. I hope they get them super quick with Priority Mail.

Well, enough rambling for me.. back to the ACC Tournament!


Thinkoutsidethebox2008 said...

OMGoodness..You are just as cute as a button! Well, whatever the heck that means..but you get the point! You remind me of a little sorority southern belle cheerleader!

Beck said...

Hi, I work at the Museum and get an alert when someone blogs about us. I just wanted to let you know that I think your photo is *awesome.* Great expression.