Thursday, March 5, 2009

Picnik rocks!

Sorry I've been off on a photography tangent for the last few days.. it's really had me rethinking hobbies! ;)
I have wanted a dSLR camera for a super long time now, and I wish so badly I could pull the trigger and get one.
Unfortunately, I have no job and just don't have the money. So over spring break, I'm going to 'borrow' my dad's! hahaha, just kidding. But really! I'll carry it around with me while I'm home - how unfortunate would it be to accidentally fall in my car and have to take it back to greenville! :O)

Anywho, if you haven't tried out picnik, it's pretty awesome! I won a year's subscription to it on Monday at the I♥Faces twitter party (in case you were wondering why I tweeted so much!) So I've been playing around this morning in between classes instead of working on important things, like homework. Ha!



This is a picture of Michale and I from my sister's wedding reception 2 weeks ago (ALREADY?!).. Slow dancing to Righteous Brothers, I'm sure, and it was just a very dark, drab photo. Great in theory, just the colors were way off.
So I brightened and lightened things up, and then went overboard and all out on it. :O)

It's a really fun site, and there's all SORTS of things you can do (even without having to sign up at all!).. so I totally recommend it! :)

(I know, I know, I owe you all another feature! I missed it yesterday!)


Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

I am dying to see your fix. The after shot is not showing. I love your blog btw! Cool way to use vinyl.

Melinda said...

Congrat on winning the Picnik subscription. It is definitely a fun and time consuming site!