Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The wedding was a blast!

The wedding was perfect! I don't know how it was pulled off in only 28 DAYS, but it was amazing. I am so happy for Lisa and Jason, and wish them only the best with love and happiness all their lives! It's going to be hard for me to beat that wedding, I tell you what! ;) So I don't think I will.. but I'll sure give it a shot when it's my turn! hahahaha

Here's some pictures from Friday. Not all excellent (I didn't take them.. they were between my dad and whoever he passed the camera off to all evening!) but you can get the idea of how happy everyone was.
REALLY.. really really awesome. She deserves the best!

Okay, this is me. But the flowers were so beautiful and that red dress was so hot! ;)

This is my family, plus the marry-ins and "prospectives".. :)

Chicken Dance! Lisa got to be the center of attention all night. Rock out, sister!

All my love,


GiDu said...

I am giving you a blog award. Here is the link for the details!