Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wedding Feature Part 3: Something Borrowed

Part 3 of this 4-day Wedding Feature's theme is: Something Borrowed

So maybe these pages were just 'borrowed' from a romance novel (to create another in a new life?). Sparklepants on Etsy created these old romance novel paper flowers, and you can get a dozen for $30. These would be beautiful incorporated into centerpieces or anything, really! Plus, they can serve as wedding gifts for your guests - meaning they may 'borrow' them for an extended time (or forever, whichever works!) ;) In any case, these flowers are simple and sweet, and really make one elegant statement.

CorkeyCreations, an Etsy seller, thought of this really interesting idea I never could have imagined - she repurposed wine corks into Custom Printed Wine Cork Place Card Holders. See, this could be borrowing too, right? Taking the corks that would be used as bottle stoppers, making them into something else.. I'm sure if you really wanted to they could be used for wine bottles again (but your wine might go badthe cork might fall in.. they've been flattened on the bottom!). Or if you're super sweet and have a friend getting married, they can borrow these from you or you can pass them on. :O) In any case, these are such a great idea, and way cute!