Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mid-Week Feature #4

Today's feature is Michele Maule from Detroit, Michigan. Her etsy shop is michelemaule, and it is chock full of super sweet art that anyone can enjoy. I love the vintage feel and the great bold colors in her work.. Fab!

Here's what she had to say in her interview:

What is your craft?
I make art :)
Painting, printmaking, drawing, mixed media

How long have you been crafting?
8 years

Other than crafting, what else do you do?
I like to read, and I love watching television...
I also really like seeing old friends and drinking lots of coffee.

What is your favorite part of what you create?
I like the process of it.
Sometimes I go through several steps of a piece before its finished, and I really enjoy those steps. I also really like selling online.
I love hearing why someone buys on of my pieces.
Sometimes it's a very special gift for someone. Other times it's a small gift for themselves. I love hearing the story behind the purchase.

If you could change anything about your craft, would you?
No, I don't think so.
I really like all the aspects of it.
Well, sometimes working by myself gets kinda lonely.
Hopefully this Spring I will be moving into a studio space with some other friends.
So I think that will take care of that.

Any words of advice for your fellow crafters or those who may be starting up?
Be patient! If you're selling on Etsy, or any other online venue, sales can be really slow at first. Don't let that get you down. Keep working at it, and promoting, and the sales will come.

As a thank you for you readers, Michele is going to give you 10% off your order for one week, so you've got until Tuesday, February 17 11:59pm EST to cash in on this. Be sure to include VRMW10 in Notes to Seller at checkout!

And if you know anything about me, I love to throw you all surprises and thank-yous for reading, so Michele has decided to offer a GIVEAWAY! (Oh, you are so lucky!)
Michele is offering a 5x7 reproduction print of your choice from her shop. Comment on this post, telling me (and her!) what your FAVORITE print is, and you'll get it if you're selected!
You've got until Tuesday, February 17th 11:59pm EST to enter. One post entry per person! Make sure there is some way I can get in contact with you if you win - an etsy username or email address will be fine. Please don't make me hunt you down!

For extra credit, you can: (extra entries in parentheses)
(1) Follow this blog
(1) Sign up for the VRMW Newsletter (on your right sidebar)
(2) Blog about this comment and link back to this post. Post the link to your entry with one of your two extra comments for this, letting me know where I can find it.
(3) Make a purchase from michelemaule, including your blogger username in the Notes to Seller (along with the discount code!)

Fine print: If you complete any of the extra credit entries, you must comment again, letting me know what you did. If you make a purchase, comment 3 extra times to receive those entries. DO NOT comment more than once if you didn't earn the extra credit! Be nice. :O)
If you are already following this blog or have already signed up for the newsletter prior to this contest, the extra credit doesn't apply, I'm sorry!
I will contact the winner within 24 hours of contest end. The winner has 48 hours to respond by Etsy convo or email. If there is no response, a new winner will be picked and the original winner is "Sorry, Outta Luck!".
Tell your friends and earn another entry! 1 extra entry if you tweet about this giveaway - send me a DM or reply letting me know you did (@rocksmyworld).
If you read this, you rock. Thanks for being such a cool cat.

To find Michele elsewhere on the web, check out these links!


Shari said...

I just love this "I heart my bike" because we love cycling.

JulieAnnA said...

oh yay! great feature, i've loved her work for a while!

my favorite piece of hers is the Three Water Towers because it reminds me of the towers by my Dad's loft in Detroit (where I am from).

thank you for the opportunity!

JulieAnnA said...

oh and i'm following your blog now (yay extra credit!)

and my etsy shop is so you can convo me there if need be! ;]

Jayme said...

I went back and forth trying to decide which item was my favorite. I love the poppy picture and the pea coat, but I think the pea coat is my favorite!

justagirl said...

I love michele's work!!! she is such a clever thing...

my fav is 'I heart my bike' and 'Don't forget'.


the rikrak studio said...

oh i am SUCH a fan! i adore the little mm original i purchased last year - it's gorgeous! my fave print of hers are anything typewriterly: i love

great work!

Carrie G said...

I heart bianchi, too! I have been looking at that print for a while now. My little brother does IronMan's and once had a bianchi.

Adorable work!

Cherry Runway said...

Oh wow! How exciting!

The blue type writer, "I hope it's okay" is one of my favorites. I love how these type writers have been drawen and are always evolving.

Amazing work as always!


Christopher And Tia said...

Ahhh! I'm crossing my fingers that my good luck kicks in right about... now.

I really like the Tea print. I'm just starting to decorate my kitchen with a coffee/tea theme, and this would be perfect. Not to mention I've been dying to own something of hers FOREVER.

xx Tia

Stacey said...

I love her work and it was nice to learn more about her, great interview. :)

Stacey said...

oops, forgot to say what my favorite print is...well actually I couldn't decide between little red coat and tea.

JulieAnnA said...

oh, also needed to mention I subscribed to your newsletter! :]

GiDu said...

I am so in love with Michelle's work. I think the Tea print is my favorite. It has a lovely color scheme and it's very warm and inviting! Thanks for the wonderful feature and a chance to win a great piece of art. :-)

ecky said...

i love the friend print!
such great colors!!

elkesten at yahoo dot com

ABCDErica said...

My favorite is Friend... for loyalty lies in my pets and they are my friends! :)

You can contact my through this blog:

ABCDErica said...

I have no subscribed to the newsletter

CathyH said...

My fav print is "Bulb". Power lines painting is awesome!!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

I really like all your water tower imagery, but I have to say that "Tea" is my fav. My favorite thing is to sit down every morning with my cup of tea and read blogs before I really start my day. It's my 'me' time and your print makes me feel that same sort of simple happiness.

Lisa said...

I love eight wishes. Simple. Beautiful. I also live in Detroit and am grateful for the vibrant and talented artist community here. Thank you Michele for being one of them, and Amanda for sharing her work in a way that it crossed my path.

Lisa said...

Amanda, I also signed up to follow your blog. I love your energy!

Heather said...

I am loving "I Hope It's Ok" and the "poppies" one. :)

Grand Events said...

My fav is I'm a boston terrier lover!

Jenn said...

So difficult to choose! Michele is very talented. I have to go with "Tea" because I am slightly obsessed with tea and that piece makes me feel nice and cozy just like the drink does.

My email is jenna[dot]benda[at]gmail[dot]com

Burgandy said...

I am torn I adore tea but the snowberries polaroid style print is also amazing. What a lovley shop.

carina said...

What a great artist profile!

It's hard to choose one favorite, but I think I have it narrowed down to:I Hope It's Ok...5x7 Print

sushipie said...

My favorite 5x7 print is TEA.

love your shop!


N + S said...

Love don't forget to write and little red coat!