Monday, January 26, 2009

I've been tagged!

So I have been tagged by Krazy Fashion AND MissCourageous to play Tag! I am listing 7 random things about myself and tagging 7 other bloggers.
Here are 7 random things about me!

1) I am on my computer absolutely and terribly too much. I probably spend more time on the computer every day than I do anything else.
2) I'm afraid to use all the beautiful scrapbooking papers, chipboards, ribbons, and everything because they're so pretty! (I probably have $200 worth of this stuff and won't ever use them because they're nice to look at)

3) I forget to feed my goldfish sometimes and it makes me feel really bad.. so I treat her a few extra times once I remember.
4) Sometimes, it breaks my heart to list items on etsy because I don't want to see them leave!
5) My parents and my siblings are my greatest heroes in their own unique ways, and I only hope I can live up to everything they dream I can be. :O)

6) I am addicted to twitter. (find the link to follow me up top!)
7) I love my houseplants as if they're my pets. Hehe!

Here's the folks I'm tagging!
Sara @ All Things Girly
Michele @ Sweet Irie
One World Organic Clothing
Michelle @ Hello, Cupcake
Lindsey @ Brooksberrys


Lindsey said...

Oh, neat I've been tagged! I'll try to do my list sometime today.

Sara said...

Aww thanks sweetie for tagging me!!! =] I will work on it tonight!!! (( I am finally getting around to reading everyones blogs!! haha))