Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big news!

My sister called me yesterday afternoon with some incredible news.
She's getting married in a month!
She got her date, it's February 20th in a stunning cathedral downtown. I'm so jealous of her!

I am the maid of honor and have LOTS of work to do to help plan this out! I'm so excited and can't wait! :O)

I've been anxiously looking at bridesmaids dresses so I can try to help pick a color for the MOH dress (she's thinking red for the bridesmaids, but we haven't figured out a second color for me and the BM). I suggested pink or black, she thought maybe purple if we find the right shade to match, and my roommate suggested gold wouldn't be a bad color either! Lots of options.
Found a few dresses at Davids Bridal that look very nice.. just a matter of how they look on non-models! ;D
I'm sure once I go trying on dresses though, nothing I will have checked out before-hand will even be options.. haha!

There's lots more dresses that look great on the website, but DB looks like it's down for the count right now.. probably website maintenance. boo!

Anywho, I can't wait to go home this weekend to see what dress her and my mom picked and fell in love with for her! She called me and said it was perfect :O)


Sara said...

OHHH the front of the church is gorgeous!!!!!! =] So romantic!!!!

Being a MOH is such a fun time!!! I was privilaged enough to be it for my neices wedding back in Dec.... although, I got off really easy! Since I have 2 kiddos and such, my sis and her did almost everything!!! =] I cant wait to see pics!!!