Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ANOTHER feature!

Maureen, over at Jeweled Rabbit is such a sweetheart! She blogged about me being blogged about at Luella Luella. Please go show her some love for me! :O)

I love the colors in her blog.. purple is my favorite!

She's got shops set up at Artfire and WiNKELF with completely different jewelry pieces at each shop.. How freakin' sweet and chic are these yellow glass bead earrings? Something about these big earwires just get me.. I love them! :O)

Click on the pictures to link you to where you should go.
Thanks again, Maureen! :O)

[UPDATE]: OH YEAH, it's snowing! Greenville's seen its first snow of the season today.. and it's coming down pretty well! We're expected to get up to 4 or 6" of snow today. Hooray!
Needless to say, classes are cancelled.
Happy snow day!


jeweledrabbit said...

Hi, Amanda, thanks for the shout out. :OD